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From The Beehive is a full time bee farming operation,  run by long time Bee keeper, Richard Lindsey, and his team.

Richards interest in bees started some 35 years ago, whilst at school. After leaving school, Richard started working as tree surgeon, enabling him to grow his interest in bees, financing him to take the BBKA(British Bee Keeping Association)  exams, up to Master Bee Keeper level.

After completing his BBKA exams, Richard became a bee inspector for 7 years, which ultimately led to Richard becoming a full time bee farmer. “From The Beehive”  now has 100’s of active hives throughout Staffordshire, Shropshire, and Warwickshire, which has been producing their delicious honey for many years.

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Why choose “From the Bee Hive”?

“From The Beehive” also sell other products such as bees candles and beeswax. We have an excellent range of candles available too.

We also sell other products which can be seasonal, and in short supply. Please contact us for further information, or check out our page for special offers and updates.

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